The Work Out

Připravují Tuco C. Monts

Sobota 22:00 – 24:00

O Pořadu


Angličtí kluboví veteráni C.Monts a DJ Tuco jsou profíci v hledání nové hudby napříč žánry i kontinenty. Zkušenosti začali sbírat již v půlce 90. let v UK a během svých cest po celém světě.

Po léta budované kontakty a znalosti tvoří ideální platformu pro čtrnáctidenní dvouhodinovku plnou čerstvých basů a beatů z celého světa, které budou skvělým startem do vašeho sobotního večera. Žánrově se pořad bude pohybovat na pomezí rapu, garage, grimeu a ghetto, těšit se můžete na živé mixy i exkluzívní tracky.

With a combined experience which began in the UK in the mid 90s and having traveled extensively, these two English club veterans C.Monts and Dj Tuco have become experts in collecting and unearthing new sounds and artists spanning continents and genres alike.

The accumulated knowledge of music and connections made over the years have given the hosts the perfect platform for this bi-weekly show which will deliver two hours of the freshest bass and beats from across the world specializing in all things Rap, Garage, Grime and Ghetto giving you the perfect start for your Saturday night in the form of live mixes and exclusive tracks.




  • Tracklist
  • Murder He Wrote - Cowbell Tool
  • OMAAR - Lil Snare
  • DoublePlusGood - The Winding Song (Armand Van Helden's Calypsonic Dub)
  • Ghostwhip - Fukinwitmywhip
  • SANTO - Put U On A Game ( Miami Bass Edit )
  • Footclan - Dat Girl
  • Peaky Beats x Papa Hugs - That Day
  • Bored Lord - Believe
  • MachineFunk - My Money
  • Ruff Sqwad - Pied Piper (Protean Sound Edit)
  • KiNK - For The People (Nikki Nair Remix)
  • Neil Landstrumm - Respect The Deal
  • Footclan - Loaded
  • Z-Kat x SBSTRD Ft. Kylie_Car - Hole Riddim
  • Watara - Baby Come On, Pass me the Drugs
  • ROOO - so cold (Diessa Remix)
  • Bored Lord - Look
  • Tracklist
  • PJ Statham - Promised Land
  • Stedit - Slow
  • ABSOLUTE. - Don't Ya Want It (Shaun J. Wright Remix)
  • MBERE - I Bet
  • SHR - Everybody Hype (UKG Edit)
  • Top Hat - Request The Style (FSHR edit)
  • Mani Festo - Side Hustle
  • Luca Lozano + Mr. Ho - Join My Team
  • Luca Lozano + Mr. Ho - Friction
  • Matrefakt - Kubik
  • Footclan - Boogie (Z-Kat Remix)
  • Chloé Robinson/Dj ADHD - Get Me
  • Anna Morgan x Kool Karlo - Pop That
  • Soul Mass Transit System - Bump N Grind (Edit)
  • Main Phase - This That
  • Buttermere - Year Of The Rabbit
  • 96 Back - Cross This Heart
  • DJ JM - Pepper
  • Hudson Mohawke x Nikki Nair - Wait A Minute
  • Wtchcrft - Ya Dig?
  • Black Rave Culture - Track Hawk
  • Coldsweat - 95
  • DJ Godfather Ft: Lil Mz 313 - That Booty
  • Bae Blade - Bossed Up
  • Leese - Roep
  • Black Rave Culture - Blowin Os
  • COIDO - Studid Mix
  • Dagga - Back It Up
  • Dj Phats Ft: Dj Skip - To Tha Motes (Vince LaSalle Edit)
  • Basutbudet - Get Crazy
  • Chiara Noriko - Keep On (Anna Morgan Remix)
  • ULLBODYDURAG x DJ KA!ROS - God's Footwork
  • Detroit's Filthiest - Blessing In Disguise
  • DJ Phil - Burn The Sox Off