every other monday from 6PM

O Pořadu

Tune in to an immersive English-language radio show broadcasting
every 14 days from the heart of the Czech Republic. Hosted by the
dynamic duo of Craig Monts and Luke the Cook, this one-hour experience
bridges cultural gaps and fosters a universal listening experience for
all ears.

Featuring eclectic selection of music curated by Craig + Luke, the
show introduces listeners to a range of artists and genres while
spotlighting the talents + stories of both established + up-and-coming
stars from around the globe. From interviews with fashion and music
icons to eclectic musical journeys spanning jazz, funk, soul, house,
dub, reggae, hip hop, and Afrobeat, there’s something for every
musical palate.

Don’t miss out on this continuously growing archive of authentic
interviews with the „1TIME“ audio series, offering insight into the
lives and experiences of influential figures in the contemporary
scene. Join Craig and Luke as they bring you the latest in music,
culture, and creativity, connecting you to the pulse of the modern
world from the vibrant city of Prague.“